Criteria To Start With ADHD Test

There are several criteria to look at when a certain adult will need to have ADHD test. When you suspect your child to have any of the following, then you need to consult an expert in this field and start with the test.

First, you have to consider if the symptoms of the ADHD have been present even since his or her childhood. You will may not actually be diagnosed as a child with ADHD, but there are evidences that you have problems with self control and attention right before you had reached 12 years old. The only exception to this is that if you have suffered with the brain injury or any medical conditions that have resulted to the symptoms of add and adhd.

Another one to consider is when the symptoms are already present in more than just single setting. You have to assess if you are experiencing problems with your inattentiveness or your hyperactivity-impulsive symptoms in tow or more than two settings. For instance, when you are at your home, at school, or even at your work, then you need to confirm this with the test.

Next, you have to look if the symptoms will affect the performance. The symptoms can reduce the quality of the academic, job, or social performance. Also you have to consider if ever that the symptoms will have five or more symptoms at present time. The DSM can help identify around 18 symptoms. The nine are actually inattention and the other nine focuses into the hyperactivity. Right after 17 years, if ever that you will have symptoms that are being listed here, and they have been present with you for at least 6 months, then a certain diagnosis can now be made.

Lastly, the other causes might have already been ruled out. Sometimes the ADHD-like symptoms are being caused by some other conditions. For instance is the bipolar disorder or the sleep disorder. Right before diagnosing ADHD, the doctor or the specialist needs to rule out first the other causes if that would account to be for the ADHD-like symptoms.

In diagnosing ADHD, it cannot be done online. But there are many ADHD quizzes and questionnaires that are available in the internet that will be helpful in the self-screening process. In taking the quiz, you can be fully confident to be able to reach the health professional for the formal diagnosis of the physician. Visit  Totally ADD to learn more.